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  • TheCrimsonPaw


  • Hey, I love your stuff, including the Red Death Story, but I do hate the Koreans being wiped out part of that story, though
    Thanks 😊 , yeah it was a bad time for Korea ☹️
  • JK2004

  • kspence92
    Thanks for letting me know . I'm excited for this I hope it's not too long to wait .
    Also What do you think the plot will be for 28 months later? Will Jim return or will there be an entirely new group of characters? Will it be set in Britain or Europe?
    I saw a report a few years ago somewhere about it being set in Russia but I've not heard anything else about it since then.
  • Railmotive

  • Hi, I was just wandering, why was the Dislocated Kingdom thread locked?
    I've no Idea. I checked it and it was locked . Maybe it was a mistake.
    Ok thanks I was just checking as I really liked the story and it didn’t make sense for it to be closed
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