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    i pay only in austro-hungarian kroners!

    Looks interesting. i'd like one with the flag of brittany on it and the breton national anthem as ringtone. May i pay in sesterius? or maria therese thalers perhaps?
  3. A Blank Map Thread

    talking about russia, could i get a blank map of russia with republics marked on it? only republics, not the other admin divisions.
  4. A Blank Map Thread

    they mark the borders of the republics of the russian federation, and i guess they're there because its an important level of admin. but if they do they should also mark other 'republics' in europe such as kosovo, crimea, abkhazia, nagorno-karabakh, south ossetia, vojvodina, mount athos, sprska...
  5. A Flag Thread

    demat, nice to see another breton onboard. i dont belong to any movement whatsover, just supporter of independence and cultural identity of brittany. i dont like political stuff too much
  6. A Flag Thread

    welcome fellow newbie! i'm from brittany myself, just curious what members would think of republic of brittany flag. i'm myself a breizh independentist, for creation of an independent republic seperate of france. grandvizier
  7. A Flag Thread

    ok, here are some requests i have: -flag of communist germany -republic of brittany (independent of france) -flag of a communist arab nation.
  8. AH Navy ship drawings and designs

    alikchi, you have a talent in ship drawing! if i have any requests i know who to ask!
  9. AH Navy ship drawings and designs

    yugoslavia ship is very cool. thank you. cant wait for russian ship!
  10. AH Navy ship drawings and designs

    same date as the ones you did 1940s
  11. AH Navy ship drawings and designs

    could you do two dreadgnoughts one from russian empire other from kingdom of yugoslavia/? merci
  12. A Map Thread

    I'm interested in a few nations on that map... 1- Reichrepublic of Israel 2- Provisional United Arabia 3- Serbia 4- Reichspublic of Scotland (???) 5- bulgaria is german now? tell me more about those
  13. Map Request/Challenge Thread

    bump!:) could somebody make a map for that? thanks!
  14. A Map Thread

    Great Map as always Diamond, but montenegro is misplaced...
  15. Map Request/Challenge Thread

    Could someone make a map of: -Imperial Greece after victory in the greco-turkish war, greece also has all former Hellenistic territory, albania, macedonia, constantinople, thrace, sicily, ionia, cyprus.... -balkans even more balkanized with even more states than in otl -very powerful russia...
  16. A Map Thread

    nice map. 1- where did you get the font for "PACIFIC REGIONS 1969"? 2- how did you do the stripes 3- did you use mspaint?
  17. A Flag Thread

    If you dont ace that project, that's because your teacher is retarded! That's a great project/CoA!!:cool:
  18. A Blank Map Thread

  19. A Flag Thread

    Noticed falangist arrows in the CoA
  20. My Alt-Cartography Site

    very nice!