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  1. The Great Peace: A Long 19th Century
    Threadmarks: Introduction and Western Europe

    This is a timeline I've wanted to do for a while now and is my first timeline. It will consist of maps and maybe flags and wikiboxes of the world in a timeline that has not seen a major war between Great Powers since 1860s (though the actually PoD is as yet undetermined and will likely be...
  2. WI HRE Ferdinand I was sterile?

    Taking into account OTL size of his family, impact should be massive. Until 1526 not much change, but then? Is Ferdinand eventually seek for annulment of his marriage with Anna Jagiellon (risky, considering his struggle for Hungarian throne, pissing of her uncle Sigismund would not be the best...
  3. Mary’s miracle

    What if Mary Tudor’s first pregnancy was real?
  4. ordinarylittleme

    The Habsburg Queen of the Spanish Empire
    Threadmarks: The Miraculous Heiress

    The pregnancy of Queen Marie Louise of Spain surprised herself most of all: she knew she was not a virgin, but she had thought she would die without ever having had any children. She had quietly bore the criticism of the childless state of her marriage, even when she wanted to scream that it was...
  5. mickeymouse

    What if Maximilian I and Bianca Maria Sforza had children?

    Emperor Maximilian I was married to his final wife, Bianca Maria Sforza, for about 16 years before her death in 1510. However, the marriage remained childless, allegedly due to Bianca being infertile, and eventually the relationship deteriorated to the point where Maximilian rarely saw his wife...
  6. kaiidth

    Sovereign of the Netherlands, son of Isabella Clara Eugenia
    Threadmarks: 1. How it begins

    The most noble Couple Albert (born 13 November 1559) and Isabella Clara Eugenia (born 12 August 1566) , Infanta of Spain, by the grace of God Archdukes of Austria, Dukes of Burgundy, Lothier, Brabant, Limburg, Luxembourg and Guelders, Counts of Habsburg, Flanders, Artois, Burgundy, Tyrol...
  7. Questions raised by the Luxembourg-Habsburg mutual succession pact

    For those of you unaware, in or around 1363, Emperor Charles IV allegedly brokered a mutual succession pact with Rudolf IV of Austria. The pact allowed for the Habsburgs to succeed the Luxembourgs (or vice-versa) in the other's Imperial domains in the event one of the houses became extinct in...
  8. kaiidth

    The english Grandchildren of Manuel I of Portugal
    Threadmarks: 1. November 10th in 1518

    The tenth day of November in the Year of the Lord 1518 turned out to be a tearful day for Henry, King of England. His dear wife Catherine first gave birth to another stillborn child, a tiny girl as it was and then died herself a few hours later, leaving her husband with only one living...
  9. Sarthak

    Mon Cher Sixte - A Very Habsburg Graphic TL.
    Threadmarks: Title

    Mon Cher Sixte - A Very Habsburg Graphic TL
  10. Fernando d'Ávalos betrays Charles V, becomes king of Naples?

    Fernando d'Ávalos was a Neapolitan condottiero of Aragonese origin who fought in the Italian Wars, most specifically the War of the League of Cambrai and the War of 1521-1526. He was, during the latter, one of the main commanders of the imperial army, and played an important role in the...
  11. ordinarylittleme

    The Bloody Rose - A Collaborative TL
    Threadmarks: The Bloody Rose

    April 1555 Mary I of England's pregnancy was derided as a pipe dream of a middle-aged woman who longed for the glory days of her youth. She was nearing the age of forty and was considered by everyone to be too old to conceive. Yet she never lost hope that God had blessed her after decades of...
  12. Michael of Peace: A Collaborative TL
    Threadmarks: July 1500 - Survival of Miguel de la Paz

    July 1500 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella's great hope for the unification of all Iberian Kingdoms into one, Prince Miguel de la Paz survives a worrying sickness after he is put under the care of a "stout" converso wet-nurse who served Queen Isabella in the Alhambra. Converso milk and...
  13. kaiidth

    Catalina of Aragon becomes 3rd wife of Manuel of Portugal

    We all know that Manuel I of Portugal was married first from 1497 till her death 1498 to Isabella of Aragorn with whom he had the longed for heir Miguel da Paz, born 1498, died 1500 . Manuel then married in the Year 1500 Maria of Aragon , Isabella’s younger sister and she had a bunch of kids...
  14. ordinarylittleme

    WI: Charles V abdicated differently?

    What if Charles V split up his vast domains differently? If instead of passing on Sicily, Naples, Milan and Spain to his son, he gave them to his brother Ferdinand. And instead of passing on the Holy Roman Empire to his brother, he gave them to his son Philip.
  15. ordinarylittleme

    Tudor-Habsburg-Valois joined empire - A TL

    1516: Katherine of Aragon quickly recovers from a strenuous pregnancy. She has given birth to healthy twins, Henry and Mary, and she and her husband are overjoyed and utterly doting parents. Meanwhile, her young nephew Charles V marries his cousin Isabella of Portugal during that year's...
  16. ordinarylittleme

    AHC: Habsburg dynasty never falls apart, stays in power until the 21st century

    "Not being incestuous" would probably help, but what else? EDIT: I meant the empire of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
  17. Suleiman is killed at Mohács?

    The Battle of Mohács was, as we all know, a curbstomp so ridiculously one sided that some Ottoman commanders reportedly refused to believe that they just defeated the main Hungarian army. However, there was a moment the battle during which Suleiman the Not Yet Magnificent took a few gunshots...
  18. Sarthak

    Habsburg Monarchy survives in Austria in 1918

    After he gave the proclamations regarding the loyalty of Austrian and Hungarian officials, the Republic of German-Austria was proclaimed. However, according to the book I read, Blessed Charles of Austria, both Renner and Seitz were starting to falter on the idea of republicanism and they both...
  19. WI: Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II's daughters survive?

    Joseph II had two daughters, neither of whom outlived him. What if they had?
  20. EternalMadness1997

    Children of the Bloody Queen: A Tudor Timeline
    Threadmarks: The Bloody Heir

    Hello and welcome to my third timeline, and one that I have been cooking for sometime. As the title suggests, this is going to be a "what if Mary Tudor's pregnancy(ies) had been real rather than phantom?" timeline. I'll try to make this be as realistic as possible, though don't be afraid to...