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Redo the evacuation of LA?

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Yes, the Philippines has seen a battering of deadly climate events in recent years, with many smaller settlements abandoned, but the central government has become too bogged down in a war against Moro insurgents and pirates to dedicate much funding to the issue.
Can you please post the news articles as well as the president? I can see the ATL president of our home country dealing with pirates ruining the economy and Moro insurgents strengthening which is a bigger headache for them to crush the insurgents.
Can you please post the news articles as well as the president? I can see the ATL president of our home country dealing with pirates ruining the economy and Moro insurgents strengthening which is a bigger headache for them to crush the insurgents.
Speaking of which, I wouldn‘t be surprised if the NPA is a stronger force ITTL which could have a serious chance of taking power.
Speaking of which, I wouldn‘t be surprised if the NPA is a stronger force ITTL which could have a serious chance of taking power.
But it might have been prevented as it was in the OTL, given the Philippines still has a close military, economic, and diplomatic ties with the United States but there will be some changes when troubles would even hit home.


The White House
October 13, 2017

Good evening. I’ve just gotten off the phone with President Zhang, where I candidly informed him that the United States will not tolerate China’s completely unprovoked aggression and hostility regarding recent actions in the Taiwan Strait. The United States will keep our existing sanctions against China and keep $200 million in Chinese assets frozen as punishment for such a flagrant violation of international law. I also reiterated that the United States would continue to commit to our defense treaties with allies in East Asia, and that U.S Navy assets in international waters would not be removed from the South China Sea.

Keeping this in mind, I believe it is in the best interest of all parties involved to prevent this crisis from escalating into a global war, and as such, we have worked out the beginning of a preliminary framework for peace in the region. While the intricacies and details still need to be worked out, I can proudly say at this time that Taiwan’s vibrant democracy will remain intact and the many freedoms and rights they currently enjoy will continue to be guaranteed for the Taiwanese people, even during the transition and under the new Chinese administration. In exchange, the Chinese government will end its current unlawful blockade and release all unlawfully imprisoned Taiwanese and American citizens from custody. An international commission will also be established in order to monitor the situation in Taiwan and ensure that Chinese authorities are adhering to this aspect of the deal, and the U.S will have permanent representation on this commission. I’ve also been in contact with President Hung of Taiwan, who has signaled her support for a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

Under this peace framework, Taiwan will undergo a period of demilitarization and transition for five years before sovereignty transfers to China. All sensitive U.S military equipment, weaponry, and intelligence supplied to the Republic of China Armed Forces will be returned to the U.S, no questions asked, and American inspectors will be on the ground in Taiwan to ensure no American technology falls into the wrong hands.

Additionally, China has agreed to remove all of its military forces from Hamgyeong, end its unlawful occupation of northern Korea, and fully comply with the IAEA’s Comprehensive Plan for the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. The Korean people can rest easy as the specter of war and occupation ends on their entire homeland once and for all, for the first time since 1910.

In these increasingly turbulent times, we must choose peace over war whenever possible. While China's depraved aggression in the region is unfortunate and detestable, neither I nor the American people desire the start of a disastrous war in Asia that would result in thousands or millions of causalties. The recent framework I've negotiated will guarantee democracy in the Taiwan region for the foreseeable future and create a lasting peace in the Indo-Pacific.

Thank you.
as with everything else in the TL, yeesh. but very interesting and high quality nonetheless!!!!
Is "Israel in Christ" a country formed by Black Israelites? And that place down between Mississippi and Alabama labeled Firefighters.... are they an administration of firefighters?
Yep, Israel in Christ is a country of Black Israelites and Black nationalists.

Firefighters refers to how those people perceive themselves as "putting out the fire" of anarchy and destruction in the territory they control.
this timeline is so fascinating!! always excited with the updates, also just realized the clairvoyant website is a lot like the DARPA FutureMAP/PAM project, is that where you got this particular idea from?
Yes! It was inspired by that, as well as modern prediction sites like PredictIt and Metaculus.
Are t9-style phones still in common use in ttl? Also good that blackberry is doing good ittl.
Not really, they faded out in the mid-2010s, although the cell phone market is a lot less uniform than OTL. Touchscreen phones dominate the premium consumer market, touchscreen with additional buttons (like the Key2) are popular in business and government, while stylus phones are popular as a cheaper alternative.
Can you please post the news articles as well as the president? I can see the ATL president of our home country dealing with pirates ruining the economy and Moro insurgents strengthening which is a bigger headache for them to crush the insurgents.
I don't have any content in the works for the Philippines, but I can add it to the list.

Currently, the queue looks like this:
1. LA Crisis Part 3
2. News article or map about the former Peru/Bolivia
3. Map and writeup about UN Contingency facilities on Svalbard
4. Something about the EU or Europe?
5. Menu of a restaurant in the Upper West Side in 2023 (this one's gonna be fun)
6. Non-canon Boston news website in 2040 (this one's gonna be REALLY fun)

This list will probably shift or completely change in the near future, but the LA Crisis Part 3 will definitely be the next update. I'll also repost the three graphics for Icarus that are not on this thread (Indonesia, Hawaii, and Korea) and an additional text-based writeup to provide more information.

And eventually I'll revamp that NYT front page graphic, even though I promised that a year ago.

Anyway, if y'all wanna see an update about a specific subject or part of the world, all suggestions are welcome! I realize this TL has been extremely America-centric, but I've been trying to remedy that with the recent Cuba/Taiwan updates.
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Also, I just remembered I also asked for audience suggestions nearly exactly a year ago, and these included space exploration, geopolitical blocs, and non-US updates, so updates focusing on these things could come in the near future.
Well I would like to know more about how China is handling the calamitous situation of 'worse climate change', considering the intensity of the disasters that have pummeled that country OTL (especially the last two years) and the governments piss-poor response as things stand. I can't see it doing better even if it has different leadership in the high echelons of the CCP, and also they've really added to the cumulative damage humanity has bouncing back in its face and they've uniquely set up their civilization for quite a menagerie of problems all coinciding simultaneously when shit really hits the fan.
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Also sports including FIFA and F1.

Outdoor sports might be having a hard time in this world - either they're played in the winter or, especially at higher levels, money is being spent to cover stadia up.

Due to its massive environmental impact, I can see a few scenarios for Formula One: fewer teams and a shorter championship, a switch to renewable energy (making ATL Formula One fall somewhere in between OTL Formula One and Formula E), or a slow but steady decline in favour of other kinds of motorsport - in all instances, I doubt the championship is currently being taken hostage by oil money as much as IRL, with way less races taking place in dictatorship-sponsored Tilkedromes, and more races in places such as New Zealand and Sweden, especially if the vehicles emphasize durability, handling and sustainability over raw speed.
Since the GTA 6 trailer dropped last night and Miami (Vice City) is practically flooded and burning permanently ITTL, where is GTA 6 taking place in Icarusverse?
shite's too depressing for most of the usual places, so it's gonna be an entirely new city altogether, if not New York City again
Just make it like Mario Kart - part of the city you drive, part of the city your car turns into a submersible
This does make me ask does something like this actually occur? Like in some areas I can see amphibian cars being all the rage as it would allow some ability to traverse flooded regions.
They can use Havana as a setting once the Flioridian population there really takes off.

Or — they'll just go all-in on the Cyberpunk aesthetic and themes and be much mire merciless in satirising the government and the corporations.
Cleveland’s time to shine
Actually you’re not far off from what I was thinking. I think Chicago or Detroit would be likely candidates.

Chicago I was thinking could take the name “Tricocum” or “Tricoca,” based off of Allium Tricoccum, which is the plant the natives called “Chicagou” and named the area after its presence. And the name plays into Rockstar’s dirty sense of humor.

Detroit could be Marais, which is French for “swamp.” Since Detroit is French for “strait,” not too hard of a name to come up with.
2024 is apparently going to be a solar storm year, which makes me wonder, just how much worse would it be with a dying ozone layer? I know something like the end of Knowing is scientifically impossible, but if there’s less ozone protection, how much worse would things be on Earth?