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Deng was added to Kaiserreich
Wouldn't he be just called as Nicholas III since he is claimant for Russian throne?

But intresting idea anyway.
His Empire only consisted of Alaska, so I doubt most historians would label him as such, since it would imply that the Alaskan Empire was a continuation of the old Russian Empire, which it broke away from during the Revolution, so I doubt historians would call him that. They'd probably call him "Nicholas of Alaska," or something of that nature.

His supporters and Russian exiles living in Alaska probably would, though. I also imagine Transamur would absolutely hate him, as would the Bolsheviks, who probably look on the Alaskans as traitors.
What's he supposed to be doing over there?
Who was the first head of state for the French Commune?

I would also like to know if anyone knows what happened to San Marino and Monaco in the KR universe?
San Marino and Monaco in the KR universe?
I have recently downloaded a mod for Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game called Bonaparte Legacy, and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find some installation instructions.

I can't really see other options for Entente than ally with CPs during WW2. If exiles in Canada and North Africa want return to Britain and France, them just have not other way as ally with CPs. Even if they don't like each others very much alliance at least would be on ground "enemy of my enemy is my friend at least for now". And on POV of CPs Entente would tie some Internationalist forces.

Intresting altough not sure would this be plausible. Russian government felt Alaska being pit of money and completely useless. Of coursse later it could work as refugee place for Tsarist regime.

Intresting. Perhaps too surviving Texan Republic and CSA winning the civil war? That would too explain why Russia doesn't sell Alaska.

Personally I feel FDR bit overused but why not. I just can't think other person. If CSA is independent it can't be Huey Long whom I feel being even more intresting character unless his parents decide move to USA before his birth. Perhaps Second Civil War could be avoided. If USA has already lost territories it wouldn't even be needed anyway.

Russia could indeed go as Red what should had happen in Kaiserreich IMO.

Islamic State of Arabia sounds intresting and perhaps too bit scary. Not sure if Israel would be existing without Holocaust. And personally I feel creating Jewish state not matter where and when pretty overused.
Here are a few completed segments that I have finished, which I thought you might like to have a read of:

3rd February

In the German Empire, the German Economy Finally stops Sinking ~ instead, it Plunges. Fuelled by the Instability Caused by the Collapse of the American Stock Market, Combined with the Fear of changes in the French Commune and the Russian SFSR Causes Investors to Rapidly Withdraw their Assets. As soon as the Berlin Stock Market Opens, Panic Selling Erupts. It takes well into the Night for the Teleprinters to stop Sputtering out the Results of what will become Known as “the Black Monday.” Once the Results have been Analysed, everyone Understands that One of the German Elite’s worst Nightmares has just become Reality.
5th February
In the German Empire, German Citizens, Panicked by the Collapse of the Berlin Stock Market, are Rushing into the Banks to try and Withdraw their Assets before they become Worthless. The Banks are not Able to Afford to give out such Sums and many are in Danger of Collapse. It Appears Government Legislation is Urgently needed, and Imperial Chancellor Franz von Papen Orders that the Banks be Closed Temporarily.
6th February
In the Kingdom of Poland, there is never any Doubt that the Effects of Black Monday will Spread throughout the German ~ Dominated World, and Poland will not be Immune from this Unprecedented Economic Disaster. Although Economically Isolated from most of Europe, Poland’s Economy still Relies heavily on German Trading. News that the Berlin Stock Market has Collapsed Triggers a Run on the Stock Market in Warsaw and People are already Demanding that the Government take Action. Poland can only Hope to Survive the coming Storm.

9th February
In the German Empire, the Situation does not get better Following the Black Monday, which is the start of what will become Known as the Black Week. Panic ~ Selling of Stocks Reaches an all ~ Time high, and when the Stock Market Closes at the End of the Week, 11 Economic Figures in Germany have Committed Suicide, and the Market is as good as Dead. Most of the Middle Classes have lost all their Savings and the Working Classes cannot Afford to Eat; under these Conditions only the Super Rich are Able to make a Profit. What is bad for Germany is Excellent for Adolf Hitler and the German National Party. The Sturmabteilung Immediately begins a Massive Recruitment Drive to take Advantage of the Mass of Unemployed Men, and many new Recruits are ready to Flock to them, seeing it as a way of Rebelling against their Parents’ Authority and for the Excitement of doing something Frowned on. The Nationalist’s Election Machine also goes into full Swing, Presenting Hitler as the Strong Man who Germany Desperately needs. The Nationalists have few Detailed Policies; their Focus is on Hitler, der Führer. It is a Dramatic Turnaround for Hitler, and, as a Result, Money is soon Flowing into Nationalist Coffers from Supportive Businessmen.

10th February
In the Federal State of Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Economic Turmoil in Germany Causes a Cascade Effect that Spreads throughout the World Economy. The First to be Affected is Austria-Hungary, whose Situation is made worse by its Own Domestic Policies. In the Latter Half of the 19th Century, a Reformist Party has taken Power in the Austro-Hungarian Imperial Council, which has Remained in Power for Several Decades now. This Party, Called the Social Democratic Party, has Followed Various “Socialistic” Policies [Income Redistribution by Means of Heavy Taxation of the Wealthy and Government Spending to Benefit the needy], which has, Unfortunately, Severely Weakened Austria-Hungary’s Economy. As a Measure to help Pay for their Extravagant Spending Programmes, the Social Democratic Governments have been Gradually Debasing the Austro-Hungarian Krone, Causing Inflation and a Loss of Consumer Confidence. The Collapse of the German Economy has also had a Great Impact. Germany was Austria-Hungary’s largest Trading Partner, and the Loss of that Trade due to the continuing Economic Chaos in Germany Following the Great Depression Plus the Imminent Threat that Germany might be Forced to Default on Debts to Austro-Hungarian Financial Institutions, has Created a State of Extreme Nervousness in Austro-Hungarian Financial Markets. The Final Straw comes when the Social Democrats Push yet another large Tax and Spending Programme through the Imperial Council, and Announce yet another Debasement of the Krone. Consumer Confidence Collapses, there is a Run on the Banks, and the Stock Markets Panic. The Federal State of Austria-Hungary is Plunged into a deep Economic Recession, and it will take quite some Time for a full Recovery to be made.

In the United States, U.S. Military Intelligence Learns that the Confederates are Researching the Possibility of Producing a Sun Bomb. When a Delegation of Physicists had Approached President Franklin D. Roosevelt about this during his First Year in Office, he had Dismissed the Idea as a “Money ~ Sucking Boondoggle Waiting to happen,” however, now he has found out that at Least One of the U.S.’s Neighbours is Seriously Working on the Idea, he Decides, Reluctantly, that the U.S. must do likewise. With the Cooperation of Congress, a Secret Research Programme is Instituted.

7th April

In the Arab Kingdom of Syria, the Arab National Party is Founded by a Merger of the Followers of Michel Aflaq, [an Orthodox Christian] Salah al-Din al-Bitar, [a Sunni Muslim] and Zakī al-Arsūzī [an Atheist] in Damascus. The Party Claims Arab Nationalism as its Ideology and Design a Tricolour of Black, White, and Green as its Flag.

In the British Raj, a Constitution is Drawn up for the Republic of India. The Document Agreed upon Calls for the Creation of a Bi ~ Cameral Legislature [One House for Hindus, and the other for Muslims, with Representatives of the Buddhists, Christians, and other Religions which Occupy India] with the President to be a Hindu, the Vice ~ President a Muslim, with both the President and the ~ President to have Joint Command of the Armed Forces…One cannot Order the Military into Action without the Consent of the other. A Provisional Government is Selected by the United Nations Security Council which will Remain in Power until Democratic Elections can be held. Elections are Scheduled for 1950.

26th January

In the Republic of India, the Constitution of India is Promulgated by the 284 Members of Indian National Assembly, Forming a Republic. The same Day, is Sworn into Office as its First President, and Jana Gana Mana becomes the National Anthem. After nearly 200 Years of British Rule, India is an Independent Nation again.
In an add on to my earlier question, does anyone know how to unzip folders of downloaded mods? [I am referring to Bonapartist Legacy and my computer is using Windows 11.]
In an add on to my earlier question, does anyone know how to unzip folders of downloaded mods? [I am referring to Bonapartist Legacy and my computer is using Windows 11.]
There are sites such as this https://extract.me/ that can do it online, but if it's a regular zip file (not .rar) then just right-click -> unzip should work. (I admit I haven't used Win11, but I can't imagine why they would've changed it)
There are sites such as this https://extract.me/ that can do it online, but if it's a regular zip file (not .rar) then just right-click -> unzip should work. (I admit I haven't used Win11, but I can't imagine why they would've changed it)
I managed to successfully extract the file folder for The Bonapartist Legacy, however, when I tried to extract the compressed archive folder for the mod, a popup would come up saying "Error 0x80070003: the system cannot find the path specified," and I was wondering if I can play the mod without extracting the compressed archive folder.