Start of the thread and some rules
Hello! This is @JCC the Alt Historian here. I have decided to make a thread about photos and videos from an alternate world (or technically from different types of worlds) where the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks never happen.

Without 9/11 ever happening, society in both the United States and the rest of the world would likely be different to OTL.

I got inspired to make this thread after seeing @Iwanh 's Geronimo: What if Osama bin Laden was killed prior to 9/11? timeline.

However, before any of you guys start posting here, I have a few rules and quality guidelines for you guys to follow:

  1. Post photos and videos that can convincingly pass as actual alternate history.
  2. Along with normal pictures and videos, photoshopped, hand-drawn works and other similar things of your own are perfectly welcomed here, especially if they're of good quality and fit the scenario described. Illustrations can also be posted here in addition to photos, but they should be of the same "this could convincingly pass for something from an ATL" standard of quality.
  3. If said photo or video comes from an actual alternate history timeline on this website or wherever. Please mention that it comes from that specific timeline.
  4. While you can add Wikipedia and other similar styles of infoboxes (including collages of infoboxes) here, I recommend not spamming this thread with them since we already have a thread for infoboxes and I don't want this thread to become another one of those.
  5. Please do not post memes or random pictures that you find funny unless it's in context. Like the normal thread, this is not an "amusing stuff I found" thread, it's a thread to show off your creativity and skills at creating images from alternate universes. Also, do not post super "edgy", questionable, super gory or blatantly racist/extremist content of any kind. (The reasons for this should be obvious. You don't want to get kicked or banned from this site, do you?)
  6. Please DO NOT post photos and videos of people and things relating to current politics unless the person's life and whatever else is affected are so different compared to OTL.

Well, anyways, I wish you all good luck!
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I might as well post this.

New York Times, September 12th, 2001
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Picture of the statue of Saddam Hussein being removed following the rebel capture of Baghdad in the 2011 Iraqi Civil War.
Addition to this


Rally in Erbil, following the death of Saddam Hussein, Summer 2011.

During the Iraqi Civil War of 2011 (sometimes called the First War of Kurdish Independence), the Kurdish region declared independence from Iraq. The newly formed Iraqi Republic, exhausted from fighting, allowed the Kurds to become independent.


Iraqi Kurdistan during Saddam's reign.
Red- Kurdish territory
White- Rest of Iraq
Pink- Disputed between Iraq and Kurdistan

In 2013, Iraq had plans to resolve these disputes by allowing a referendum to be held in these areas, but a coup occurred, canceling these plans. It wouldn't be until after the 2014-17 Kurdish War (or the Second War of Kurdish Independence) were these regions were in Kurdish hands.
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Enron time.png

Time Magazine Person of the Year 2001: Kenneth Lay former CEO of Enron, The biggest political scandal of the year

Map of Turkish Kurdistan (orange)

Following the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan in the Summer of 2011, Kurdish nationism was rising in Turkey, Syria, and Iran. It also saw a revival of the Kurdish-Turkish conflict.

images (1).jpg

Picture of a pro-Kurdish riot in Turkey, ca. 2013.

In late 2013, the Turkish government, tired of fighting the insurgents, traveled to Erbil and signed an agreement. The Erbil Agreement stated that regions of Kurdish majority would have a referendum if they wished to join Kurdistan or stay in Turkey. It was pushed back due to the Kurdish War (2014-17), a war that Turkey declared neutrality. After the defeat of the anti-Kurdish coalition, the referendum was held in December 2017, to which the majority voted to join Kurdistan. In early 2018, Turkish Kurdistan was fully transferred to the Republic of Kurdistan.


Picture of a voting booth for the 2017 Eastern Turkey referendum.

The introduction scene to Spider-Man himself in Spider-Man (2002), where Spidey stops a bank robbery by catching the fleeing crooks' helicopter between the Twin Towers. This is the first time we see Spider-Man suited up and fighting crime in his main costume and is widely regarded as one of the most iconic scenes in the movie.

Graph of unemployment since 2007.

The 2008 Great Recession would be a factor in how incumbent Democrat: John Kerry lost the election of 2008 to Republican: John McCain.
Two Scenes from Disney Movies

The scene from the 2001 Disney-Pixar film Monsters, Inc where Mike and Sully run away with Boo from the Harryhausen's restaurant before the CDA blowns it up to decontaminate it.


The climax scene from the 2002 Disney animated feature Lilo & Stitch, where Stitch, Jumba, Nani and Pleakley commandeer a 747 airliner to chase after Jumba in order to save Lilo.

EDIT: Ignore the unfinished animation that is shown in some parts of the video!
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The introduction scene to Spider-Man himself in Spider-Man (2002), where Spidey stops a bank robbery by catching the fleeing crooks' helicopter between the Twin Towers. This is the first time we see Spider-Man suited up and fighting crime in his main costume and is widely regarded as one of the most iconic scenes in the movie.
I'm trying to figure out how different Spider-Man would've been in a world without 9/11.

  • I know the scene you talked about Reflection would have been keep intact of course.
  • There would have not been the "You miss with one of us, you mess with all of us!" scene on the Queensborough Bridge, as that was added late into production shortly after 9/11 happened.
  • The interviews with various New Yorkers about Spider-Man either would not have happened or would have happened later on in the movie.
  • The ending scene would've probably been a bit different with Spider-Man standing on the flagpole with the giant American flag on it likely not happening. He'd probably be standing on top of something else.
John Edwards' approval ratings:

John Edwards approval ratings if he had been president.png

After narrowly defeating George W. Bush in 2004, John Edwards saw his approval rating stay in the 60s, in no small part because of his great response to Katrina.

However, this level of support began to wear off by mid-2006. After the GOP narrowly took back the House of Representatives in the 2006 midterms, they would block much of his agenda, most notably his proposal to implement gun control in the wake of the Virginia Tech shooting, which killed 33 people.

In October 2007, it was revealed that Edwards had been cheating on his wife (who was suffering from cancer, and would die in 2010). After initially denying the affair, Edwards admitted that he did, in fact, cheat on his wife. What was left of Edwards' support by that point immediately collapsed.

The affair, combined with the 2008 stock market crash, resulted in Edwards losing to John McCain in a landslide. Edwards would get only 140 electoral votes, to McCain's 398, winning only CA, OR, WA, HI, DE, NY, CT, RI, MA, and VT.
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Nancy Pelosi being sworn in as Vice President of the United States of America, August 2008.

Pelosi was elected as Speaker of the House in 2003 after the Democrats had retaken the House and Senate in 2002 [1]. In the Summer of 2008, an election year in the United States, Vice President: John Edwards [2], had admitted to having an affair on his wife. With the declining economy and the stigma of Edwards' affair, the odds were against John Kerry, even in the Presidental Primary as he faced off against former First Lady: Hillary Clinton.


2008 Democratic Primary
Purple- Kerry
Yellow- Clinton

Kerry was narrowly re-elected as the party candidate. At the convention, he made Pelosi his running mate. However, the ticket lost the general election to John McCain and Sarah Plain.

Screenshot 2023-08-20 8.26.14 AM.png

Election of 2008
Red- McCain
Blue- Kerry

1. Because of no Afghanistan War, the Republicans didn't hold the House and Senate in 2002.
2. Edwards was elected Vice President in 2004 in my version, although the point of divergence is different:

Pre-2011 Iraqi Civil War map of Iraqi Kurdistan.

With Iraq falling into chaos following the Arab Spring and the situation escalated into a full-scale Civil War in the Summer of 2011, The KDP and PUK signed an agreement to declare Kurdistan as independent. One of its first actions was invading the Islamic Emirate of Byara [1], which declared independence from Iraq in 2001. To this very day, the former Emirate was a hotbed of violence, and rebels were given weapons by the anti-Kurdish coalition during the Kurdish War (2014-17).

1. In otl, the Emirate was defeated in Operation Viking Hammer during the Iraq War.