WI: The Richard Reaches America in 1606

In 1606, The Plymouth Company was formed as a division of the Virginia Company and was granted a royal charter along with the rights to the Atlantic coast of North America between 38° and 45° N. Later that year in August, the Richard (a Plymouth Company ship) sailed from Plymouth, England for Virginia at what would become the Popham Colony. However, the Spanish intercepted the ship in November north of the Bahamas near Spanish Florida. Ultimately, the short-lived Popham Colony would not be settled until summer 1607. What if, however, the Richard was not intercepted by the Spanish. How would that impact the fate of the Popham colony, assuming it is settled earlier than OTL?
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Probably they succeed a little better than the second attempt. That was mostly abandoned due to their late summer arrival which meant no time for planting and food ran short. Since the Richard was captured in November near Florida I'd guess that they'd arrive at the colony site some time in mid-winter which gives them spring and summer for planting and preparation for the arrival of the next ship in the autumn of that year.

Even if the colony does well I think that the Popham colony will be overshadowed by the growth of better sited locations. Like Jamestown it's likely to be abandoned within a couple decades even if it does succeed.
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